Energy resources study
Energy resources study The team at Resolve Enerxía, S.L. has the tools and the experience needed to carry out wind, solar and biomass studies, among others.

The wind resource study is done using software known as WAsP 9 and the data obtained from actual wind measurement towers is correlated with wind predictions acquired by meteorological models verified on the market.

Resolve Enerxía, S.L. has developed projects for important wind developers, determining the wind energy resources and maximising production.

Energy resources study Biomass energy resource studies are carried out by evaluating different sources of cartographical and alphanumerical data, subsequently used to determine the uses and the species included in the area under analysis and the potential for exploiting energy cultures. Once the spatial distribution of the diverse cultures and forest species is determined, a specific residue index is applied for each one, with the aim of calculating the potential production of residues. The relationship between these biomass residues and the heat power decides the overall potential of the area analysed, as well as its economic feasibility considering the cost of extraction and transport.

To assess photovoltaic resources, meteorological models and data currently available on the market are used, analysing each one separately to assign it the most efficient intake system.